Learn English Together All Access Pass

The Learn English Together All Access Pass

 You can access all the presentations for a whole year, and more with the All Access Pass 

With the All Access Pass you can:

  • 😀Watch all the presentations for one year

😃Get bonuses

😄Discount coupons from your favourite teachers

😁Live lessons with the amazing teachers from this event

😆Download resources to help you, and your kids, enjoy English more!

Total value of the All Access Pass over $500

Get the All Access Pass for $50 only until 30th June!

Get the All Access Pass for $50

The Learn English Together event was created to help you find your path to English fluency. The All Access Pass gives you even more chances to speak English, learn more about your learning style and meet new people

 16 amazing gifts from our fantastic speakers - some are limited in number so don't miss out! 

Here's what you'll get with the All Access Pass

  • Free session with Conversation Club with Rocio from The Language Circle 

    • For elementary/ pre-intermediate learners: A one hour session with special guest that you can talk to, ask questions and interact with. By the end of the session you will have had a lot of fun and practice English in a free and relaxed way, so you will feel confident and happy. Special access for LET All Access Pass holders, this isn't usually available to buy! 

  • Free access to Learn Smarter Workshop with Lisa Wood from Your English Self

    • The coupon is for free access to one of my Learn Smarter Workshops (live on Zoom) Valid until 31/12/22
      The topic is chosen by my community. I send a list of topics to choose from. 
      The topics related to The Fluency Puzzle i.e
      Strategies for learning vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation more effectively.
      Mindset and motivation
      Action Plan/Roadmap: Goal setting, language learning habits, resources and materials, activities...
      Some previous workshops are:
      Vocabulary: How to learn and remember it. Limiting beliefs: How to overcome them. How to set brilliant goals and stick to them 
      These practical, interactive online workshops help you develop the fluency skills you need to communicate confidently.

Get the All Access Pass for $50

A free e-book 'Interview in English: Get Your Dream Job in the English-Speaking Workplace' by James Levin of English Arrow

    • Do you use English in your career but struggle to communicate with confidence?

      Is your lack of confidence speaking in English preventing you from moving up in your career?

      English is the international language of business, and speaking English with confidence is a crucial skill needed to get ahead in your career. To move into that next position, you will eventually have to interview in English. But you have the language skills to do that already. What you need is the confidence to arrive at the interview and communicate your value in English.

      This book will serve as your guide to navigating the most common interview questions in English and help you build the confidence to answer any type of question. Usually $4 - free for All Access Pass holders

Get the All Access Pass for $50
  • Connect with your Feelings live workshop with Bekah from English Everyday

      • Join me for an additional LIVE session (recording will also be available) to talk more about how practicing English is a form of self-care. You will learn more about TAPPING, including its benefits and how to use it in your everyday life. Come with any questions, and we can create a customized tapping session together. This is usually a $20/person one-hour group session workshop - Free for All Access Pass Holders

  • Limited number! A 30% discount coupon for Speak Up! A live training to improve your speaking skills, with Maria Gabriela from Growing Up - Creciendo Juntos - English Program

    • -Course Name: Speak Up! A live training to improve your speaking skills

      -Course Promise: Students will get techniques and drills to work and improve their pronunciation and fluency and to feel more confident when speaking with any other English speaker.

      - Course Length: 1 month / (5) 60-mins-classes a week

      -Who is it for? Intermediate students

      -Methods of delivery: Zoom / Small groups

      -Materials students will get: PDFs and Videos.

      -Price: usually $150 but 30% discount available for 10 holders of the All Access Pass

  • A 20% discount on both levels of "Advanced English Speaking In 100 Steps" from Clare Whitmell of English at Home

    • This discount can be used both for the standard version (normal value $49) and the VIP version (normal value $89).
      What learners can gain from this course
      The course gives you a clear path to get to advanced English speaking level, with the 100-Step Checklist (100 quick and easy tips and strategies for advanced speaking), 2 Study Guides (suggested sequence of steps + additional practice ideas), 2 Email Check-Ins (get support from Clare), and 4 extra guides for fluency. The VIP Package also gives you 4 mini-coaching opportunities to get personal feedback on your speaking.
Get the All Access Pass for $50
  • A Three week trial to the Sisters Speaking Transformation with Jo Moir

    • The Sisters Speaking Transformation is a safe and comfortable space where women can connect and practice speaking English with support and encouragement from a qualified teacher.  Each week members talk about a different topic with provided  questions, vocabulary suggestions and model answers to get the conversations started.  There are four choices of times to join zoom meetings with your teacher each week, to chat about the topic, check pronunciation and ask any questions.  It's not a structured course so each member can join as few or as many classes as she likes. Between meetings, the sisters can practise together using the video chat rooms on our own private social network.  Each member can expect to improve fluency, gain confidence and broaden her horizons through fascinating conversations with other like-minded women from all around the world.   
      NB. SST is only available to women aged 18 years and over. All women are welcome, but a minimum language level of A2/B1 is recommended. 

  • A free speaking lesson (small groups of adults- all levels) with Roxana from Dream On ELC (English Learning Center)

    • The courses are for ALL levels, we have groups from Beginners to Advanced, for a maximum 8 people. Each lesson lasts one hour, some groups have two lessons together with a break in between, others are on separate days.
    • We focus mainly on Speaking (and also Listening) with a brain-friendly approach! We don't follow a traditional method, we don't use books, they'll learn through authentic material, have fun, play games, watch videos, practise their speaking, and get feedback from highly qualified teachers. Plus, they'll gain confidence and lose their fear to speak in English. We give them support and make sure they feel comfortable every class. It's called Online Speaking Coaching because we include Neuroscience and Coaching principles in our lessons.
Get the All Access Pass for $50

  • 45 minutes consultation with Karina Pearl Thorne of Speak Your Story with Confidence (limited to 3)

  • 2 phonics learning videos and interactive worksheets from Jordana Matsuda from Take Flight Phonics

    • The two video lessons are for kids, each lesson teaches one phonic sound.
      Each learner will come away learning the sound the letter makes, how to write the letter and words that contain that sound. It’s a great introduction to what phonics are and how they can be learnt quickly and in a fun way. Worth $20
  • 30 minutes consultation with Lori Piper Baker of Lori's Language Lab (limited to 20)

  • Study Tracker from Anna Karwowska of Polca Languages

  • Downloadable games and puzzles package from Marama Carmichael Kishimoto of Giggles English

  • Downloadable reading pack from Rob Woodward of Woodward English

  • Downloadable songs and picture books, plus a lesson discount coupon from Rebecca Tomlinson of Yorkshire English Service

    • A pdf with suggestions for songs and picture books.  Plus discount coupon;  £15 for two 30 minute lessons or £30 for two 60 minute lessons or £130 for 5 and £230 for ten AND buy ten lessons at £230, and also receive an eleventh at no extra cost. Special discount for All Access Pass holders - Lessons normally cost £30 per hour
Get the All Access Pass for $50
  • An unlimited monthly pass to access the Communication Confidence Group Sessions for 25 euros for adults.  OR A 25% discount (for the first 3 months) for any parents who subscribe their children to a Curious Minds Club programme from Audrey Smith of English on the Run 

    • Unlimited pass - Unlimited for a month. Usually we have 4 classes per week
      For 50 minutes
      Advanced - business or general, Intermediate- business or general
      It's normally worth 85 euros.
      All group sessions are small, intimate groups that focus on building confidence to speak, having a chat and working together.
    • The Curious Minds Club is designed for kids from 9 years old to 18 and is focused on building not only English communication skills but the ability to work in teams, develop critical thinking skills and develop their imagination. The programme include 1 to 2 group classes per week and mini-activities and group chats during the week.
      Prices from 50 euros to 119 euros per month.

20 Modules

Welcome! How to get your gifts

Check out the modules here to access the gifts

You will need to choose the items you're interested in, and sign up with each speaker individually. You will not get gifts automatically

Don't forget some are limited in number or time so sign up soon!

Bekah's live workshop - Let's go deeper, tapping together

A live workshop to learn more

Gaby's Discount - 30% off speaking course

30% off speaking course

Rocio's free conversation session

Not usually available to the public - conversation club

Karina's free creative consultation

Limited to 3 people!

Roxana's free lessons

Get two free conversation lessons

Jordana's two free phonics videos

Start your children's phonics journey to read and write in English

Rob's reading worksheets and games

Downloadable reading worksheets and games

Lori's free consultation

Limited to 20 people

Clare's discount - 20% advanced speaking course

20% off Advanced English Speaking in 100 steps

Lisa's free workshop - Learn Smarter

Join a practical English workshop

Marama's games to download

Games to download

James's ebook - Interview in English

LIMITED TIME Get a copy of 'Interview in English: Get Your Dream Job in the English-Speaking Workplace'

Rebecca's recommendations and discount

A list of recommended resources and a lesson discount

Audrey's discounts for adults and children's lessons

Discounts for adults speaking and childrens' club

Modules for this product 20
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