English Buddy Weekly Emails

January 1st. This year I will use English everyday.

January 15th. I've spoken English twice this year.

February 1st. Oh I haven't had time to study English.

Is this you? Do you promise yourself you'll study and use more English every year but somehow... it never happens?

You need English Buddy Weekly Emails.

The idea is simple - every week I'll email you. I'll ask two questions. What did you to use English this week? What are you going to do next week? You reply. I'll help and give you advice. 

Simple , but hugely effective. Suddenly you'll have someone checking up on your English progress EVERY WEEK! You'll have someone to ask for advice (once a week). You'll have someone who cares about your progress.

How does it work?

I'll send an email at the end of the week Friday or Thursday (depending on your time zone) You reply. You can ask me one question a week. You tell me what you achieved each week. You tell me your plan for the following week. 

Who is it for?

Anyone learning English, who wants to be more productive with their routine. 

When does it start?

As soon as you pay you'll receive a welcome email. You can reply to that, or wait until the regular email on Friday. Then every Friday for the next year I will email two questions.

What happens if I don't reply?

Then you'll have wasted your money. It's simple, by buying this you're committing yourself to one year of emails, one year of regular study and use of English. Can you do it? Do you really want to move forward with your English? This will help you, if you use it.

Why should I buy this?

Because you love English, but you're stuck. Because you want to make study plans but they only last a few weeks. Because you need someone to ask you - what did you do this week. Because you want to level up your English, speak fluently, happily and achieve your dream.

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