If you're learning or teaching English as a second language, you're in the right place. 

Are you a mother wanting to build your confidence in English, and your children's too?Join Mums' English Circle, our monthly conversation club for mothers and build your speaking confidence. Or get the video course English Pronunciation for Mothers to help you learn the most important aspects of English pronunciation, and help your children with theirs. And there's an Ebook for you called Games with Children, lots of ideas for games you can play at home to make English fun.

Who am I? And why should you listen to me?

In case you stumbled here by accident, welcome! My name is Abbie and I'm an expert and excellent English language teacher. I've put together online courses and conversation clubs to help people, especially women, feel more confident in English. I hope you'll enjoy it here.

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Resources hub

How to find out your English level... how to say I don't understand... how to start a conversation... how to make the most of your English lessons... and more! 

Plus some useful downloadable worksheets, and information about learning English.

Mums' English Circle

Uplifting English Conversation online for mothers worldwide

Online conversation club for mothers who want to create an English-speaking home and inspire their children to speak English for a better future

English Pronunciation for Mothers

How to help your children with their English pronunciation without hours of English lessons

English is a skill your children need, are you ready and confident to help them? 

  • Maybe you love English and you’re pretty fluent but there are some pronunciation points you’re just not sure of.
  • Maybe your kids love English but they’re worried they speak ‘broken’ English

Games with Children eBook

Teaching English as a second or foreign language to children? This ebook gives you 21 games that you can play in the classroom, or online, to get your young EFL students speaking and using English.

Find games to practice:

Phonics, and reading and writing

Chatting in English

Actions, passive and active listening

Lots of ways to use flashcards

Day with a Mentor for EFL Teachers

Get clarity on your teaching in just one day

Feeling stuck?

Like you need permission to do 'the thing' but when you're your own boss there's no one to give the permission? Or maybe you have a student you just don't know what to do with anymore. Maybe you have too many ideas or not a clue what to do.

Stuck sucks. Whether that's with your business or your lesson plans.

I have an idea to help you! I'll spend one day with you to help you get unstuck.

English Buddy Weekly Emails

January 1st. This year I will use English everyday.

January 15th. I've spoken English twice this year.

February 1st. Oh I haven't had time to study English.

Is this you? Do you promise yourself you'll study and use more English every year but somehow... it never happens?

You need English Buddy Weekly Emails.

Learn English Together Event 2022

The first online English learning event

Learn English Together 2022

Discover your path to English fluency

June 23-25

Join online teachers and learners around the world to discover your next steps in English learning, and how to help your children with English

Discover your path to English fluency

Learn English Together All Access Pass

You can access all the presentations from Learn English Together 2022 for a whole year, and more with the All Access Pass 

With the All Access Pass you can:

😀Watch all the presentations for one year

😃Get bonuses

😄Discount coupons from your favourite teachers

😁Live lessons with the amazing teachers from this event

😆Download resources to help you, and your kids, enjoy English more!

Total value of the All Access Pass over $500, now just $50

Parents Phrase book

English to Japanese phrase book, with all the phrases you need to live in Japan with kids.



How to be a happy English learner masterclass

How to be a happy English learner masterclass
Learn about the four essential elements you need to improve your English, and how to balance them in this video class. 

Your Questions about English Learning

You've got questions about how to learn English 

here are my answers! 

You can listen any time.

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