If you're learning or teaching English as a second language, you're in the right place. 

Check out my books and events below, along with courses for English learners and conversation club for mothers. There's lots of free stuff too, and get learning tips on the blog

My name is Abbie, and I make stuff for English learners and teachers.

I'm glad to see you here!

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101 English Phrases for Modern Mothers

This is not an average phrase book. It's not a basic phrase book.

If you use some English with your kids at home, but want more natural phrases - check this free resource out!

A Google Sheet that you can customise, add your own translations and notes, and make fully your own.

With over 101 natural English phrases that you can use with your kids and family to level up your English-speaking home.

Resources hub

How to find out your English level... how to say I don't understand... how to start a conversation... how to make the most of your English lessons... and more! 

Plus some useful downloadable worksheets, and information about learning English.

Your Questions about English Learning

You've got questions about how to learn English 

here are my answers! 

You can listen any time.

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