How to teach your children English

You've decided that you want to teach your children English, and use more English at home. But what will you actually teach them? Here are 3 things to teach, and 3 things you don't need to bother with 1. Do teach with actions

Why you have to celebrate after your English lesson

What makes you want to keep learning English? What makes you enjoy learning English? Scientifically speaking it's dopamine. That's the hormone that makes you happy. Dopamine does a lot of jobs in your body, and making you happy is just one result. When you do something rewarding or pleasurable

This one weird trick will boost your English fluency

Excuse me, can I have your attention please!  What's your attention on now? Is it fully on this post? Do you think you'll be able to read to the end without being interrupted (someone interrupts you) or interrupting yourself (something takes your attention)? If you're a parent and your children are small and active, it's a battle to keep your attention on one thing at a time. But if you're alone and you want to concentrate on one thing, can you do it? Attention! Attention! Ping goes your ...

6 everyday habits to improve your English learning

What do language learning and diets have in common? They both rely on habits and discipline and not willpower. Did you know willpower is finite? And flexible? Sometimes you have a lot of it, sometimes you don’t. Willpower is used to motivate dieters and language learners, but it’s not the best way to do either of these things. Here are 6 tips you need


Join Mums' English Circle

Speak English with other mothers around the world. Uplifting English conversation online for mums. Join us here! 

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